Managing the production and direct distribution of video content are two facets of the same workflow that require specific tools, which are often complex and expensive to integrate. In order to automate these processes and to resolve interoperability issues, Kinow has integrated with the Dalet ecosystem via Dalet Flex.

Dalet Flex is a configurable content supply chain solution that is designed to resolve the multi-platform delivery needs of content creators and distributors. Kinow provides live streaming and on-demand OTT platform solutions to distribute and monetise content.


Antoine: “The combined agility of Dalet Flex and Kinow… will allow us to meet the needs of our customers”

According to the company, the new joint offering makes it possible to automate the sending of finalised video files and associated metadata from the production environment to the distribution platform without manual intervention or technical integration, thus reducing the costs and deployment time of these tools.

Pierre Antoine, co-founder of Kinow, said: “The combined agility of Dalet Flex and Kinow solutions is a real asset and will allow us to meet the needs of our customers requiring both a powerful production tool and a scalable streaming distribution solution, deployed in record time and at competitive costs.”

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According to Kinow, the Dalet and Kinow tools empower companies to quickly launch new services on new platforms (VOD, live, apps, subscription and so on); adopt new monetisation models with subscriber and billing management; expand existing offerings to new markets and geographies; augment revenue options; increase viewer engagement by delivering more content; and gain visibility across distribution operations to make the right business decisions.

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