Lawo’s V__matrix IP-broadcast core infrastructure ecosystem for virtualised real-time routing and processing is designed for flexibility, and has now extended its capabilities with three new rear plates for the connection of SDI baseband equipment to an open-standards-based IP network.

The io_bnc_16+16 is a new fixed-format rear plate with 32 micro-BNC connectors (16 inputs and 16 outputs), with the ability to interface 12G single-link SDI signals and destinations on 11 inputs and as many outputs. The five remaining I/Os remain available for 3G-SDI signals. The 16+16 expands the connection density of previously released io_bnc plates by up to 60%, allowing users to keep their IP infrastructure compact.


The new io_bnc_11+11, 16+16 and 16_BiDi rear plates for the V__matrix

The io_bnc_11+11 is Lawo’s first rear plate whose 11 inputs and 11 outputs are all 12G single-link capable, yielding up to 10% more overall connection density per C100 processing blade than previously available models.

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The io_bnc_16_BiDi provides 16 micro-BNC connectors that can be individually configured as baseband SDI inputs or outputs via software, as bidirectional baseband I/Os are popular among V__matrix users.

The micro-BNC connectors are primarily intended to receive and transmit SDI signals, but can be software-configured for MADI data transfer.

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