As pan/tilt/zoom cameras move into new areas of broadcasting, many users want them to be remotely height-adjustable too, something that can now be done by Libec’s LX-ePed tripod-based electric pedestal.

Claimed to be a world first, the pedestal can handle a maximum payload of 10kg, which suits most PTZ cameras, taking them through 40cm in elevation. The speed of the rising column is adjustable by tilting the rocker on the included PoE-powered controller, which has a slow mode for fine-tuning.

Libec 1 eDaily 2023-06-15


The LX-ePed and LX-ePed Studio elevating pedestals for PTZ cameras

It comes in two models: the LX-ePed, with a floor spreader-type two-stage tripod, and the dolly-based LX-ePed Studio, at maximum heights of 247cm and 261cm respectively. The units are foldable and can be separated for easy transport. For location use, the systems can use an optional V-mount battery adaptor.

Stand Number: 12.D36

Company: Libec