Video transport solutions specialist LTN Global appointed Catherine Gonzalez Pack as its new senior vice president of operations.

Gonzalez Pack led sports and special events operations in her previous roles at DIRECTV and AT&T and in future will be building and maintaining senior-level relationships in the media industry.

Catherine-Gonzalez Pack

Catherine Gonzalez Pack, SVP operations

Malik Khan, co-founder and executive chairman at LTN, said: “The digital revolution we’re experiencing in the sports and entertainment industry brings both exciting opportunities and complex challenges for media organizations … Catherine has a wealth of outstanding industry experience and will be crucial in assisting LTN’s customers as they navigate a new era in broadcasting.”

Gonzalez Pack said she is deeply passionate about sports broadcasting and the constantly evolving media landscape. “I’m looking forward to working closely with the LTN team and its market-leading media customers to continue to drive the innovations that shape our industry’s future,” she said.