The Mediaedge QDCam is a high-speed box camera with a global shutter that is aimed at sports production at an affordable cost.

The compact, 690g camera has an 8.8MP CMOS sensor and can shoot at up to 240 frames per second in HD, or deliver UHD at 50 or 60fps, or 4K DCI (4096x2160) at 24p. It has an optical transmission option for using SMTPE fibre optic cable, allowing it to fit easily into OB production workflows. There is also quad link 3G-SDI to interface the 4x high-speed 1080p signal to slow-motion recorders, including Mediaedge’s own system, the ME-QDVS-1000.


The QDCam high-speed camera can be used for goal line analysis

QDCam has a Micro Four Thirds mount, which allows the use of inexpensive, high-quality lenses, including several particularly bright lenses that would be useful for high-speed shutter shooting under night-time game lighting. The iris and focus can be controlled remotely.

The exposure timing of multiple cameras can be synchronised with high precision without being affected by differing camera cable lengths. This patented system allows the video from multiple cameras to be frozen simultaneously, preventing any timing deviation when switching to a video from a different angle.

Stand Number: 11.C47

Company: Mediaedge