Open source software consultancy Igalia is showcasing a number of new developments for WPE WebKit, the reference port of Apple WebKit for embedded devices.

Igalia, which claims to be the second-largest contributor to the WebKit project after Apple, noted that WPE is deployed in hundreds of million devices from set-top boxes and smart TVs to cooking machines and infotainment systems.


Castaño García: “Igalia has helped advance quite a lot of exciting things in WPE WebKit”

Xavier Castaño García, partner at Igalia, highlighted that the company “has helped advance quite a lot of exciting things in WPE WebKit in 2021” through collaboration with projects utilising WPE.

These include the creation of, and submission to the WebKit project, a new layer-based SVG engine unlocking hardware acceleration for SVGs and unifying the historically separate HTML/CSS and SVG rendering pipelines; adding an OffscreenCanvas implementation to WebKit, allowing the utilisation of multiple processes and cores to paint on a 2D canvas; the development of WebXR for WebKit; and an experimental Android version of WPE with demos illustrating XR.

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Igalia specialises in client-side web technology, specifically developing WPE/WebKit, Chromium (web rendering engines for Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome respectively) and Firefox, and optimising and evolving them for customers who use these platforms for their services. Igalia’s lines of business include developing standards, JavaScript engines, multimedia support, accessibility and graphics.

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