The HS Series collection of fluid heads and tripod systems will be introduced at IBC2022. Compared to Libec’s previous RS Series, the newly designed fluid heads are said to be more user friendly, with a Perfect Balance System that enables the camera to be precisely balanced at any tilt angle.

The heads also have an advanced drag mechanism with super-smooth pan tilt movements and improved backlash control, an easy-to-read counterbalance meter, an accessible snap on/off QR plate, an accessory port and more.


 On balance: The HS Series tripod/head line-up from Libec

There are four fluid head/tripod combinations, each with a wide counterbalance range: the HS-150/150M is intended for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and small handheld camcorders, and can balance the lightest settings of a mirrorless camera with kit lenses (from 0.8 to 2kg) – something Libec claims no other available tripod system can do; the HS-250/250M is for handheld camcorders and small-sized cinema cameras (with a payload range up to 5kg); the HS-350/350M is for camera configurations weighing up to 8kg, and includes a long plate for front to rear camera balance setups using rigs and telephoto lenses; while the HS-450/450M supports up to 12kg.

Each head comes with matched two-stage tripod legs with either low-level or mid-level (the M version) spreaders.

Stand Number: 12.D30

Company: Libec