With four base models in the range, the RL256 Series from Nixer Pro Audio offers AoIP confidence monitoring for broadcasters working with Dante and Ravenna audio networks. Launching at IBC2022, the 1U 19in rack mount AoIP monitoring tool and mixer is suited for the audio racks of the latest IP-based OB trucks and portable fly-away applications with a rapid bootup for fast deployment.

The display is designed for rapid source selection during live events and was originally intended for use within large multichannel broadcast MCRs. In fact, a single operator can gain access to up to 256 channels from a single monitoring position.


The RL256 series is available with seperate Dante and Ravenna versions

A high resolution 168mm touchscreen provides clear metering, status information and quick source selection. Operators can select individual sources for confidence checking or mix up to 256 channels at 48kHz into the main monitoring output. The main LR bus is presented to the user for confidence checking via the inbuilt full range speakers or via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Optional configurations allow operators to monitor across mixed AoIP networks and formats within the same frame.

Stand Number: 8.F93

Company: Nixer Pro Audio