The Pocket Wireless from Deity Microphones is a low-cost compact wireless microphone kit that can be used with both cameras and smartphones.

Most similar systems use 4mW Bluetooth 5.0 chips, but Deity uses a proprietary 25mW wireless protocol to ensure it offers reliable signal strength even when talent blocks the transmitter’s line of sight to the receiver. Where the transmitter is behind a user’s body, the range reduces to about a third of its 65m maximum. Latency is 19ms.

Deity Microphones-1

The Pocket Wireless transmitter and receiver have one-button pairing

The receiver can be plugged into a USB port on a laptop or phone and operate like a USB microphone with the transmitter’s built-in mic or the included lavalier microphone. The Pocket Wireless can be charged via USB-C in 75 minutes providing power for more than five hours.

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The basic Pocket Wireless system includes the transmitter, receiver, USB-C and TRRS cables, lavalier microphone with locking 3.5mm mic input, fur windshield and carrying case. Both the transmitter and receiver have clips that act as belt clips and cold shoe mounts.

The Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit adds a table-top tripod that can fold to become a handle for vlogging, plus a phone clamp that allows users mount the receiver to the side of a phone. The clamp has a cold shoe on top to mount an LED light.

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