Velocix, the cloud TV software provider, announced that Belgian telco Proximus optimised the delivery of its Pickx multiscreen video services with performance insights from Velocix Analytics.

Recently deployed by Proximus, this SaaS streaming analytics application is designed to provide insights into the performance of the Velocix CDN plus detailed metrics about the viewing experience and customer device behaviour.



Velocix Analytics also supports day-to-day operational tasks such as CDN capacity planning to ensure the video platform is scaled to meet traffic bursts for major live events, as well as aligning with longer term viewership projections.

Raphaël De Beys, TV platforms lead at Proximus, said: “With instant access to a boundless array of video streaming data, we have the critical intelligence needed to drive gains in our service quality and plan the build-out of our video platform with greater confidence.”

Jim Brickmeier, CEO at Velocix, added: “Delivering class-winning video services in a highly competitive national market demands intuitive, data-driven decision-making, and we’re delighted to support Proximus as it continues to advance the performance of its market leading multiscreen services