A versatile TV studio solution able to provide multiple options, including background screen, creative screens and more, will be on show from Qstech.

According to the company, the H27 Pro series is designed to fulfil the standards of digitisation, high definition and networking that are core to the successful operation of any modern TV studio. It can perform dual backup functions for power supply and signal source, providing stable operation and display performance so there’s no failure during breaking news bulletins, for example.


The Qstech TV H27 Pro offers multiple options for high-end TV studios

It employs an ultra-lightweight design with a thickness of 31mm for the entire screen and weighs 4.8kg per cabinet. The series inherits Qstech’s integrated 3-in-1 design that makes installation more convenient. The H27 Pro can be delivered in a preassembled cabinet, which means the user simply unpacks the cabinet columns and starts wall-mounting on site. Its installation efficiency is claimed to be more than three times that of traditional displays screens.