Red is showing its new V-Raptor XL 8K VV camera, aimed at high-end TV and movie production, alongside Red Connect, a licence-enabled feature that allows delivery of full-resolution, live R3D video streaming from Red’s latest camera systems.

The V-Raptor XL features Red’s flagship V-Raptor 8K VV and 6K S35 multi-format sensor inside an XL camera body. The multi-format sensor can shoot 8K large-format or 6K S35 images, allowing users to capture at over 4K, even when paired with S35 lenses. The sensor offers the highest recorded dynamic range and cleanest shadow performance of any Red camera and captures at up to 600fps at 2K.

D1-Red Digital Cinema

Eagle eyed: Red’s V-Raptor XL is its latest flagship camera

Red’s V-Raptor, V-Raptor XL and the compact Red Komodo 6K camera all offer features such as network-based camera controls, remote lens and shading control, and compatibility with IP or fibre connections. The new XL system adds PTP for timecode and Genlock and new sensor sync shift controls.

Red Connect was devised with partners Nvidia and Media.Monks, to offer live 8K R3D broadcast streams over SMPTE ST2110, rendered in real time using Nvidia RTX GPUs and Nvidia networking technologies. This software-defined architecture allows broadcasting in both native 8K and 1080p over ST2110. The HD ST2110 stream runs through Keycast AI software in a separate server powered by two Nvidia RTX A6000 GPUs to automatically perform AI keying and apply live graphical overlays for live broadcast.

Red and Media.Monks are showing real-time VR with two V-Raptor cameras, each feeding an 8K R3D video stream into an Atem Constellation, which are outputting onto HD VR headsets, as well as a single panel displaying a 360-degree view from the middle of the Red stand.

Red is also demonstrating its V-Raptor for cinematic 4K broadcast over SMPTE fibre, under Skaarhoj RCP Pro control.

Stand Number: 11.B38

Company: Red Digital Cinema