Rotolight has launched what it claims is not only the most powerful 1x1 LED panel light on the market (with an output of 22,000+ lux - twice previous Anova lights), but also the only one that is both IP65 and natively battery powered. In testing the new Anova Pro 3 survived sustained drenching, and should work perfectly even in a storm. 

“It’s the most advanced light we’ve ever made,” said Rod Aaron Gammons, Rotolight’s CEO. “It is our fifth generation Anova, benefitting from 11 years of development and customer feedback.” It even has a built-in optical light sensor so that it can instantly measure and match mixed lighting, or can sample a particular colour, so it can be matched with other lights or brand colours. 

D2 Rotolight-Anova Pro

Visitor attraction: Rotolight’s Gammons demonstrates the new Anova Pro 3

It can be controlled via Rotolight’s app for iOS or Android, or via built-in LumenRadio CRMX, and there is also a new version of Rotolight’s SmartSoft Box, remotely-controllable electronic diffusion accessory, to fit. 

The light is highly colour accurate, with a TLCI rating of 99. It is also light - weighing 3.4kg, less than half the weight of its nearest all-weather rival. It has dual V-lock battery mounts, and will ship next Spring for €2,799 or £2,399. 

Stand Number: 12.A14 

Company:  Rotolight