Sigma, a new distributing matrix system, will make its debut in Hall 5 at IBC this year.

Sigma is built on DEV Systemtechnik’s Archimedes L-Band matrix switch system. The company says that it introduces technology and features that respond to customer needs for higher density, flexibility and simplicity with an optimised cost/performance ratio.

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DEV Systemtechnik-1-AM-PIC-Embargo 4 November-MAN

DEV’s new system aims to meet customer needs for flexibility and simplicity

According to DEV, Sigma allows satellite network operators and broadcasters to choose any input and output configuration with a granularity of eight physical ports, up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs.

Ports are selectable between 75 ohms or 50 ohms with F-type or SMA connectors. In addition, Sigma supports direct optical input ports. With up to three hot swappable power supplies, the system can support redundant LNB powering on all 128 input channels. All I/Os and the entire switching fabric are designed to support extended L-band signaling from 850MHz to 2450MHz.

Upgrades beyond 128 ports are supported by Sigma, as is embedded clustering.

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