Ad Alliance and Smartclip announced a new product to enhance linear TV spots with targetable addressable TV formats.

The TV Add On suite is designed to enhance advertising impact by personalising linear TV spots with addressable TV formats. The product, developed by smartclip, is now available as part of the Ad Alliance portfolio in Germany.


Thomas Servatius, Smartclip

Different audiences can be reached based on contact class, socio-demographic markers or location. Dynamically added banner ads can be integrated into the linear TV spot or the complete spot can be replaced digitally.

Thomas Servatius, CEO of Smartclip, said: “The technology the TV Add Ons are based on allows us to insert digital ads into the linear TV broadcast within a split second. This generates totally new and dynamic combinations between linear and Addressable TV advertising. The combination of linear broadcast ad and individual digital formats via HbbTV and even the digital replacement of complete spots guarantee increased attention by the targeted audience groups.”