Networked Live is a new hybrid distributed production platform (on-premise and cloud) from Sony and Nevion that offers increased potential for remote and distributed production.

It shares resource between distant locations, allowing high-quality live production and processing from anywhere, for increased efficiencies through better distribution of people and technological resources.

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Bovis: Sony’s new Modular Live System is “quite a revolution”

Central to Networked Live is the new Modular Live System, MLS-X1: a stackable, reconfigurable live production processor and switcher, which “can scale from a small size to massive”, and is “quite a revolution in how such systems operate”, said Olivier Bovis, Head of Media Solutions, Sony Europe.

Whether used onsite or remotely, the MLS-X1 enables integrated operational control of processors at multiple locations from a single user interface.

It is complemented by the M2L, “a cloud-based switcher that offers three operational styles: virtual mixer; secondary production - integrated with MLS-X1 to provide a secondary stream (commentary, graphics, etc); and multi-streaming capability, to TikTok, Facebook, etc”, said Bovis.

Each MLS-X1 unit is network connected, and its structure can be changed dynamically, bringing the agility to scale up or down according to production needs. Logical switchers can be configured and interconnected using one-to-multiple MLS-X1 units as needed. Redundant systems can be flexibly selected from different modes. It can also handle multiple simultaneous productions produced with one panel and one crew, or multiple panels and crews. Hardware-accelerated processing supports real-time processing of UHD and HDR video with ultra-low latency.

Also new is M2Live (Multipoint to Multipoint Live), a scalable cloud-based live processing platform for OTT content distribution, without needing to use ground resources for unilateral productions. It enables users to deploy an OPEX approach to a significant part of a workflow, particularly for small event production where high value presentation is needed but where simplicity of operation is important.

M2Live can also be used as an OTT streaming tool for localisation, such as taking the multi-lateral clean feed from a sports event, and applying additional graphics or logos, unilateral camera inputs, local language commentary and replays.

Stand Number: 13.A10, 13.D203, 13.D204, 8.MS22

Company: Sony / Nevion