SSL will show its new System T TE1 and TE2 Tempest Engines alongside its latest System T V3.1 software in Hall 8. This introduces pay-as-you-go licensing, while delivering enhanced third-party device control on top of advanced AoIP routing technology.

The new software enables operators using the TE1 and TE2 scalable DSP engines to flexibly scale processing capabilities according to their specific broadcast production requirements. Software licenses for five different processing packs, defined by the total number of mono All-Paths equivalent channels supported (from 85 to 800) are available to users as perpetual or short-term, time-based rental upgrades.

Solid State Logic-1

SSL’s new System T TE2 (top) and TE1 scalable digital signal processing engines

TE1 supports Processing Pack 1 (140 paths) or 2 (256 paths) while TE2 supports all five packs, from 140 to 800 paths at 48kHz, or 85 to 500 paths at 96kHz. TE1 is equivalent to the original T25 engine for System T, which offered a maximum of 256 paths, while TE2 matches the previous 800-path T80 engine. The two new engines and five processing packs expand beyond those configurations to offer a wider variety of channel path capacities that align with a broader range of applications and budgets.

Connect with Solid State Logic on IBC Digital

System T V3.1 provides alerts and warnings as any processing pack license nears its expiration. The new SSL licensing platform enables users to retrieve licenses as required and seamlessly add them to their console systems.

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