Designed to produce real-time subtitling and captioning across all media formats, version 5.12 of Profuz Digital’s SubtitleNext introduces a range of enhancements for vertical subtitle writing for East Asian languages.

Available in both desktop and cloud environments, SubtitleNext is the only subtitling system to provide a vertical text feature to accommodate East Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Version 5.12 introduces support of vertical text in all directions; from right to left, left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top.

Profuz Digital 1 eDaily 2023-07-10

SubtitleNext produces subtitling and captioning results in real-time and offline

It provides attributes contained within every single language, while emphasis (boutens) and rubies used in Japanese and other East Asian languages that define the pronunciation of a word are also fully supported.

SubtitleNext also enables the import and export of subtitles in the Lambda (.cap) format, the most widely used subtitling format in Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages. Other new features include the ability to export subtitling error lists in CSV files. There are also Teletext issue checks and closed captioning processing times, and the addition of a speedy Quick Styles toolbar to set default, raised and top styles.

Stand Number: 8.A03

Company: Profuz Digital