All-in-One live is new from Castr Live Streaming, designed to provide one platform for multiple forms of content distribution.

Using the platform, Castr customers can broadcast live, multi-stream content to social media sites, host video on demand, monetise video content, and emphasise their branding through online streaming.


Sunil: ”Live streaming is now the tool for a virtual connection”

Govinda Sunil, CEO and Founder, Castr, said: “Live streaming is now the tool for a virtual connection. It is a powerful approach for spreading helpful information and attracting new audiences or users with valuable and scalable content.

“The streaming landscape has advanced beyond the boundaries of entertaining shows or gaming content on social sites. Online content is now an important tool for businesses and enterprises to reach out and connect with their users in a meaningful way.”

Stand Number: 5.D52

Company: Castr Live Streaming