Sumolight’s new Sumolaser is a daylight (6000K) point-source of “unparalleled luminance” that can put a precision beam of light on a stage or project miles into the sky. The compact unit weighs just 4.9kg and “rivals the output of traditional 18kW HMI daylight sources” more than ten times heavier.

It is fully modular, with individual units arranged in a hexagonal from factor. Each fixture can be controlled individually via DMX or local touchscreen, and can also be built into custom combination patterns. The Sumosnap one-click quick-release connecting system effectively allows multiple fixtures to safely and easily combine into powerful arrays. It provides a secure screw-free interface to truss systems, standard junior pins and other grip hardware.


Beam me up: The Sumolight Sumolaser on the spot

Each Sumolaser includes a seven-engine laser module producing 3º beam angles which unite to form a tight, homogenised beam. As more units are added with Sumosnap adapters, the beam width increases but the angle remains the same – allowing greater output and a fuller, fatter pencil beam.

It draws just 175W of power, but outputs 150,000 lux measured at 100m, and is rated IP65 for indoor or outdoor use.

Stand Number: 12.A23

Company: Sumolight