Synamedia’s director for codec development, Jan De Cock, said the company’s collaboration with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has enabled it to improve its processing capabilities by optimising encoders for the latest CPU generations.

In particular, he said, given that high-resolution encoders process an enormous amount of data in memory, the memory architecture of new AMD EPYC CPUs provides further advantages to Synamedia’s high-throughput compression applications.


Jan De Cock, Synamedia

“By introducing the 4th generation AMD EPYC CPU and increasing the number of cores per processor, our extensive CPU benchmark tests registered a more than 70% increase in channel density,” De Cock said.

He added: “We have further raised the bar for video compression in this immersive, multiscreen age by scaling performance more than just linearly. We have reduced the power required to process and encode a single channel, helping reduce the associated emissions and carbon footprint. And that puts us all on the right track towards creating a more sustainable video streaming industry.”