Telstra Broadcast Services said its new media production platform is a cloud-based production and playout service that brings all the functionality and quality of traditional on-premise broadcast workflows into a fully virtual environment.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform supports live production, playout automation, asset management, signal processing and master switching, and allows technical teams to select – and pay – for these capabilities on an as-needed basis according to an event’s budget, resources, and production requirements.


Mark Strachan, Telstra Broadcast Services

Mark Strachan, head of media practice at Telstra Broadcast Services, noted that remote production in the cloud “has evolved from being simply a test case into a viable, efficient broadcast reality”.

He added: “This platform was designed with the user’s individual needs in mind, based on complete scalability and the ability to spin up or spin down applications on-demand and only pay for the services used, even in traditionally costly and complex live production environments.”

The Telstra platform is supported by Grass Valley’s agile media processing platform (AMPP). The combination of both technologies was recently chosen to enable cloud-based production and playout capability for an Australian streaming service’s premium, live and on-demand add-on sports package. The streaming service can now deliver UHD coverage of premium live sports to its subscribers.