Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of Tencent, has called for participants to innovate on use cases and best practices based on Tencent Cloud’s high-quality audio and video cloud technologies.

Tencent Cloud’s initiative, which is called V+ Challenge (Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge for V+ Real-Time Internet), is a global audio and video solutions contest.

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Tencent said that as digital life evolves, users expect multimedia with wider range and higher quality. Audio and video technologies are rapidly moving towards ultra-high definition, low latency, deep immersion and strong interaction with the dawning of a new digital innovation era – the “Real-time Internet”.

The V+ Challenge is “designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses across all industries into expanding their digital knowledge and experience, effectively providing them tools to adapt to the fast-evolving world of entrepreneurship. Digitalization and the further strengthening of real-time internet are among the most prominent drivers in the transformation of the business landscape, as highlighted by the accelerating development and popularization of the digital economy and industrial integration.”

The Challenge solicits innovative solutions and best practices in the audio/video field globally.

Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to take on the V+ Challenge – and aspire to receive $30,000 credits worth of Tencent Cloud services – are required to have been in business for no more than five years and are between the seed Series C rounds of funding.

Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the V+ Challenge can register and submit their projects from now until November 23, 2021. More details and registration instructions are available at V+ Challenge.

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