Al-based TV content discovery specialist ThinkAnalytics said pay-TV provider Sky México has deployed ThinkAnalytics as its personalisation and viewer engagement platform.

ThinkAnalytics’s Think360 viewer engagement platform now aims to maximise Sky México’s personalised subscriber user experience with search and discovery functionality to increase customer engagement value for its sports and entertainment offering.

3. Marc-Aldrich

Marc Aldrich, ThinkAnalytics

Marc Aldrich, worldwide CEO at ThinkAnalytics, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Sky México as our newest customer, an important partnership that highlights the value that global media companies are finding in our personalized content discovery and data-driven insights and analytics to maximise viewer engagement and loyalty. The solution was deployed in under 90 days and supports ‘cold start’ viewers through to advanced personalised content discovery and editorially curated campaigns, where Sky México can now keep viewers better engaged to provide the optimal user experience, and in turn, reduce churn and increase revenue.”

ThinkAnalytics’ Think360 suite of products implemented by Sky México for its AndroidTV, web, apps, iOS and Android services includes ThinkInsight, which provides Sky México with a real-time analytics platform; ThinkUX, which allows Sky México to create, test, manage and modify user experience use cases and campaigns in minutes; and ThinkEditorial, which offers complete control over editorial carousels and campaigns.