Cisco and Qwilt announced a new strategic partnership with Turkcell, one of the three key telecoms network operators in Türkiye.

The collaboration aims to enhance the quality and delivery capacity of digital content and applications, bringing superior streaming experiences and faster data delivery to Turkcell’s 38.2 million mobile users and 3.1 million fixed broadband customers, efficiently supporting growing data demands.

6.Turkcell partners with Qwilt and Cisco

Cisco and Qwilt have partnered with Turkcell

Turkcell’s adoption of Qwilt’s open edge cloud for content delivery platform is underpinned by open caching and enabled with Cisco’s edge computing and networking infrastructure. The companies said the joint product is deeply embedded and fully integrated into Turkcell’s network edge, empowering the efficient handling of larger data volumes and enhancing the overall subscriber experience.

Emre Erdem, general manager of Turkcell Superonline, commented: “Türkiye’s position as a digital bridge between East and West is getting stronger. By embracing Cisco and Qwilt’s Open Edge model, we’re fortifying our network to meet the demands of content publishers, ensuring Türkiye’s and the region’s digital population remains constantly connected, entertained, and informed.”

Alon Maor, CEO at Qwilt, added: “Turkcell’s partnership marks the latest milestone in our mission to build the world’s largest, highest-performing all-edge network. This collaboration ensures seamless digital service delivery to millions of consumers in Turkiye. Our open edge CDN is embedded directly at the network edge, closer to end-users than traditional CDNs, guaranteeing users across the country experience the highest quality and fastest delivery for streaming video, online games, social media, or downloading massive files.”