French operator Vialis has launched a hybrid DTT and OTT service powered by VO TV Platform. Featuring TV Business Analytics and multi-DRM support, the platform enables Vialis to deliver personalised viewer experiences on every screen, including Ultra HD, live, time-shift TV and replay content.

“Video services are evolving rapidly. Today’s viewers want access to a wide range of video content on any screen, along with a personalised viewing experience,” said Jacky Hahn, technical director at Vialis.

“VO’s TV Platform gives us unique insights into our audience and their level of engagement with the service, enabling us to optimise our content offerings to suit their tastes. With VO’s end-to-end solution, it’s simple to deliver DTT and OTT content, as we can see and manage the entire workflow from a single interface.”


Vialis will offer Ultra HD, live, time-shift TV and replay content

VO’s technology makes it easy for Vialis to manage its DTT and OTT offerings, providing the operator with a single screen to upload, encrypt, publish and filter assets. By integrating back-office operations and third-party components using an open, optimised API layer, VO’s platform lowers operating costs for the operator.

Through VO’s TV Business Analytics, Vialis can easily identify popular content and products to optimise personalisation and boost viewer engagement, while VO’s multi-DRM support ensures secure content delivery to all screens.

“VO is proud to be at the heart of this new adventure with Vialis, one of our long-time customers,” said Arnaud Alvarez, executive vice president, global sales at Viaccess-Orca. “In the eastern region of France, French, Alsatian and German are spoken. VO offers an efficient approach to service delivery, enabling operators like Vialis to reach subscribers, no matter what their preferred method of distribution, device, or language is.