The latest release of the Kybio Network Management System (NMS), version 4.7, provides new features intended to simplify day-to-day monitoring and improve user experience and workflow efficiency.

Chief among these is an umbrella feature for multi-layered infrastructures. Large and complex TV and radio networks can how possess a ‘master’ solution to oversee all their local sites across a single view. Each local station would have a fully operational Kybio to monitor and manage its own operations while the master Kybio functions as an umbrella system to oversee the current state of the channel - across the entire network.


Visual and ddynamic dashboards are part of Kybio 4.7

Julien Libeau, Kybio Product Manager at WorldCast Connect, said: “This makes monitoring much simpler for large networks who need high-level as well as dive-in views of their sites. With the increased control and insights now available to them, they gain a relevant advantage in ensuring optimal operations at all times.”

Other improvements include a self-monitoring feature and dynamic dashboard assets for text, as well as gauges to clearly display relevant information. There’s the possibility to embed an SVG inside a driver with auto-binding when a device is scanned, and Twillio integration for SMS delivery over API. This enables Twillio SMS messaging directly from Kybio without the need for extra hardware.

Nicolas Boulay, Co-president at WorldCast Group, said: “This release is yet another milestone our team has achieved in making Kybio a highly flexible, scalable and user-friendly NMS for broadcast users.” 

Stand Number: 8.C58 

Company: WorldCast Connect