The Stellar timed text editing platform, now fully released, offers subtitling and dubbing for language localisation, captioning and audio description for access service needs, plus scripting and metadata.

Yella Umbrella maintains that it is the only company to offer a single toolset that runs in a browser on Mac or PC and covers all aspects of content localisation and access services.

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Caption in the cloud: Stellar can handle any timed text

Matt Deakin, managing director, Yella Umbrella, said: “This approach is unique in the media industry and combined with our pay per use pricing model, that starts at just €1 per user per day for the core software, makes for a compelling offer.”

“We aim to democratise access so everyone from multi-national content owners to individual freelance subtitlers can use a full set of professional tools for subtitling, audio description and dubbing,” Deakin continued.

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Stellar also offers industry standard DRM media encryption, cloud-based task sharing and task management to allow companies and freelancers to collaborate seamlessly on localisation and access service projects.

Users also have access to speech to text, machine translation, synthetic voice creation, face, text and object recognition. Stellar works with the powerful distributed processing capabilities of Yella’s Nebula scalable media processing to provide “the best combination of performance, flexibility, security and ease of use”, according to the company.

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