Agama Technologies unveiled a sustainability analytics initiative that aims to support video providers to understand, analyse and reduce their environmental impact.

Agama said the new initiative is designed for video operators who want to work in a data-driven way to help them make informed decisions on their journey towards lowering the environmental footprint.

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Agama joins the sustainability movement with new analysis tools

According to the company, by analysing fine-grained usage metrics per service, device, or apps, and presenting trends and breakdowns of the energy use over time, it will simplify both the understanding of the current environmental impact as well as support the analysis of how different decisions will affect it.

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO of Agama Technologies, said: “Given the importance of understanding one’s environmental impact, and Agama’s continuous drive to ensure video providers have the vital insights easily available, we are joining the sustainability movement by launching a new way for companies to analyse their environmental footprint and take necessary actions to reduce it.”

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