From its new IBC location in Hall 9, Ross is promising an immersive experience focusing on XR, AI, robotic cameras, cloud production and hyper-converged infrastructures.  

With sustainability and efficiency an industry focus, the company says its Ultrix Hyperconverged platform shrinks the production infrastructure footprint to provide savings in space, cabling, and power consumption.  

D2 Ross. David Ross SR

Ross: “Ross has bought 19 companies’ worth of technology” 

David Ross, CEO, Ross Video, said: “Taking a video signal in and out of a box uses more power, more processing and takes up more space. Keeping everything in one box saves power, space, and cost. The trick is to have the products and technology to put it all in one box, and fortunately, Ross has bought 19 companies’ worth of technology. Hyper-convergence is the manifestation of all that coming together.” 

Ross is demonstrating several new developments including two new cards: the Ultrix-MODX-IO is a modular I/O card, while the Ultrix-IPX-IO card enhances ST 2110 workflows with greater bandwidth capabilities and efficiencies in distributed architectures. 

The Ultristream license facilitates streaming multiviewer outputs directly from Ultrix via NDI, and a new Ultriproc license adds procamp, colour correction, and SDR/HDR processing capabilities. Additionally, new SmartCORE functionality merges control over Ultrix internal processing and connected openGear resources on a unified interface.  

Stand Number:  9.A05 

Company:  Ross Video