Canon USA has introduced a new addition to its UHDgc series of portable 4K broadcast zoom lenses – the CJ17ex6.2B. 


Canon: The CJ17ex6.2B is described as compact, lightweight and portable

The lens supports 4K UHD quality optical performance and provides operators with a compact, lightweight and portable form factor. With the addition of this lens, Canon expands its line-up of 4K broadcast lenses to 18 models.

The CJ17ex6.2B features a wide-angle focal length of 6.2mm and a 17x zoom ratio that brings the telephoto focal length up to 106mm. It is also equipped with a built-in 2x extender that enables users to quickly double the focal length up to 212mm while maintaining image quality and fine details.

The lens utilises UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) lens elements, optimally arranged in a Canon proprietary optical configuration, providing superb colour reproduction to the image’s peripheral areas by enabling the suppression of potential chromatic aberrations such as colour bleeding and fringing. Lens coatings on all elements combine with a number of optomechanical strategies on the interior of the lens barrel to help reduce ghosting and flaring.

Like all Canon 4K lenses, the CJ17ex6.2B comes standard with a drive unit that contains 16-bit absolute value encoders for smooth co-operation with CG environments, as well as three 20-pin connectors for easy integration into virtual and robotic systems. In addition, the lens supports HDR and WCG compatible colour gradation, producing images rich with vivid colours and details.

The CJ17ex6.2B lens is designed with optimally located handgrips to help minimise operator fatigue when shoulder-mount recording. It is scheduled to be available in June 2021.