Facilis Technology has released new solutions aimed at remote access and management.


Facilis: Facilis Edge is available as an add-on to Facilis Object Cloud

Facilis Edge Sync is a multi-site synchronisation product that utilises cloud as an intermediary storage for synchronising data to remote workstations bi-directionally with on-prem storage. It enables media sharing among multiple instances of editing software from Adobe, Blackmagic Design and Avid.

“This product not only lets editors at home access the latest media being generated in the facility, but it also serves as an off-site backup for critical project data” said Jim McKenna, chief marketer at Facilis Technology. “When media is added in the facility or at a remote location, it’s instantly available in every other location as a sparse file that can be restored on demand or on schedule for real-time playback.”

Facilis Edge is available as an add-on to the Facilis Object Cloud integrated cloud storage product or as a standalone feature, using a customer’s AWS S3, Azure or Wasabi cloud storage.

“It’s really exciting technology,” said Jason Vigue of Republic Editorial in Dallas, Texas. “We have a workgroup of 12 remote artists and have been working to further centralise the files everyone is creating. After installing and testing Facilis Edge, I can see how this will really help us move forward into a much more efficient method of collaboration.”

Also new is Facilis FastTracker version 3.7, which incorporates new features for remote access, including a web client that enables browser access through the internet to the internal FastTracker database for preview, tagging and download of source video and proxies. Web ingest workflows enable remote users to upload from home or on location and automatically make those files available for any other FastTracker user on-premises or remote.

FastTracker also serves as a proxy generator for remote access workflows, either through VPN or cloud. Proxies are generated to the cloud in the same path as the source volume, to enable easy relinking for remote editors on Facilis Edge working on projects created in-facility.

“We have to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all workflow for remote access and hybrid productions,” added McKenna. “Enabling our users to access proxy version of high-bitrate sources through VPN or Edge Sync greatly increases the efficiency of remote access, and FastTracker can be used to deliver the camera sources directly to the remote desktop if needed. With all these methods of remote access, our goal is to ensure that any workflow can be supported by Facilis products.”

Facilis Edge Sync and Object Cloud features are available now. FastTracker version 3.7 with web access and remote ingest as well as new transcription and logging features will be available in Q1 2021. FastTracker version 3.6 with proxy generation to cloud and LAN/VPN download of source and proxy files is available now.