Hedbox’s new dual charger is claimed to be the first to offer three ways of charging to ensure batteries receive exactly the charge they need, when they need it.

The HED-DC150V is both a charger and a power bank (delivering power from one or more batteries), and can trickle charge the battery from 0-20%, to wake it up slowly, especially useful for a battery that has been sitting on a shelf, then use constant charge from 20-80% for fast charging, and finishing with impulse voltage taking it more slowly from 80% to full in order to maximise long-term capacity.


Power grab: Emina Kabic shows off the new Hedbox HED-DC150V dual charger

“We are the only one that has all those charging modes in one unit, because they all have advantages,” said Hedbox CEO Emina Kabic.

Its new mini V-mount Nina batteries are available in 58, 98 and 150Wh versions, with bidirectional D-Tap and both USB-C and USB-A outputs. There is also a new power plate that takes two hot-swappable Nina batteries on a V-lock mount.

Also new is the HED-A60 96Wh 14.4v battery for Canon Cinema EOS cameras (BP-A mount), with two D-Tap outputs and USB-A.

Hebox will also have a flexible new dual charger coming early next year that can charge any mixture of 7.4v, 10.8v and V-mount 14.4v and 16v batteries at the same time.

Stand Number: 12.A24

Company: Hedbox