Corner Cam is a new integrated corner flag and camera for deployment in football matches. Launched at IBC, this collaboration between ARET and sports equipment manufacturers Liski, will integrate Dream Chip’s miniaturised camera AtomOne mini Air into UEFA/FIFA-certified poles.

Carlo Cominassi, Sales Manager at ARET, said: “Our aim was to develop a robust camera which could immerse audiences in an unusual vantage point from which to view the action, while also providing referees with an additional technical perspective to aid decision making.”


Carlo Cominassi inside the new fully equipped Nova 107

Weighing only 25g with a diameter no bigger than that of a euro coin, the AtomOne mini Air – protected further by the Liski pole outer-housing - accommodates the shocks, knocks and bumps that are inevitable in a high-paced sports setting.

The integration of a camera with slow motion ability was also crucial, since this allows officials to make use of VAR technology, covering a 144° angle.

“This also grants audiences the ability to appreciate the footballer’s technical performance,” said Cominassi. “Moreover, in relation to advertising revenue, this new angle also provides new product advertising and branding opportunities, with an increased focus on both ball and shoes.”

The Italian coachbuilder has also built a new truck for EMG. Nova 107 is fully equipped and available to look around at ARET’s outside exhibit here at IBC.

Stand Number: O.A05

Company: ARET