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  • Intel,-Amazon,-Facebook,-Google,-Netflix,-and-Tencent-panel-on-AV1-commercial-readiness

    Intel, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Tencent panel on AV1 commercial readiness

    2020-09-09T14:24:00Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Hear how these companies are facing the growing challenges of video deployments to deliver pristine Video on Demand and live streaming services.

  • Intel-A-Case-For-Cloud-Native-CDN

    A Case For Cloud Native CDN

    2020-09-09T14:12:00Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Video streaming has become an essential service and an integral part of consumer needs. With insatiable consumer appetite for live and on-demand video and COVID-19 related explosion in consumption, CDN providers are continuously challenged to keep innovating in optimizing their infrastructure for cost and performance.

  • IBC-Showcase-Intel-volumetric-Capture,-Optimise-and-Stream

    Volumetric: Capture, Optimise and Stream

    2020-09-09T14:10:00Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Evercoast and Intel are working together to deliver a complete Volumetric VOD capture and delivery system that’s accessible at the Edge over 5G on iOS devices with ARKit.

  • INtel 3x2

    Intel: Visual Cloud

    2020-09-04T11:19:00Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Hear how Akamai, Anevia, China Mobile, Gamestream and Tiledmedia use Visual Cloud technologies for immersive media, media streaming, media analytics, cloud gaming and 360 VR.

  • intel product demo video 1

    Intel: Intelligent Ad Insertion

    2020-09-04T10:20:00Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Using Intel AI-based technology, Content Delivery Network and Over-The-Top media providers can determine what ads are most relevant to their viewers based on objects detected in the scene. This provides the opportunity for increased revenue with ads that have higher retention and impact by targeting what the viewer ...

  • intel product demo video 2

    Intel: Smart City

    2020-09-03T13:59:00Brought to you by

    IBC Showcase: Intel’s Smart City technology utilizes ready-to-use Open Visual Cloud software stacks to simplify application development. This Smart City demo is an end-to-end reference application for traffic management.

  • Intel Lynn Comp
    Executive Interviews

    Intel’s Lynn A. Comp: ‘Addressing the exponential growth in visual workloads’

    2020-09-02T12:43:00Brought to you by

    The potential of the AV1 coding format and the role of cloud native CDN in managing unexpected surges in demand are among the subjects being tackled in Intel’s IBC SHOWCASE sessions, writes David Davies.

  • Intel-Whitepaper-Index-Image

    Whitepaper: Rethinking visual cloud workload distribution

    2018-09-13T05:00:00Brought to you by

    This whitepaper explores the visual cloud and its potential to more effectively balance cost and deployment efficiency while achieving exceptional performance.