LTN Global is to acquire Make.TV, the developer of a cloud-based service that enables content creators to access, curate, and publish live video streams to affiliates, social media, and OTT platforms.

LTN Global, a provider of broadcast-quality IP video transport, said the deal would give Make.TV customers the ability to distribute broadcast-quality live feeds and that the combination of Make.TV and LTN services would enable customers to add closed captioning, transcoding, and graphics, as well as signaling and metadata for monetisation and ad enablement for traditional broadcast and new digital platforms.

“The integration of Make.TV’s cloud-based services into our managed IP production and transmission workflows gives customers even greater control and agility in executing live video creation, distribution, and monetization,” said Malik Khan, co-founder and executive chairman at LTN Global.

“With a highly scalable, cloud-based live video platform, our customers can quickly and easily gain visibility into an unlimited number of real-time sources and turn this content into a revenue-generating asset, backed by the assurance of a fully managed service.”

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LTN Global described Make.TV’s cloud-based services as providing “news, sports, esports, and entertainment producers manage complex workflows incorporating a wide array of video sources such as mobile devices, cameras, social media platforms, professional sources, and traditional broadcast infrastructure”.

Video streams are delivered to broadcast platforms and affiliates, as well as to social media and OTT platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch.

Make.TV is based in Cologne, Germany and Seattle, Washington. Its customers include Major League Baseball/BAMTech, ESL/Turtle Entertainment, Bayerischer Rundfunk, SRF/TPC, SWR, FOX Sports Brasil, NBCUniversal, MTV/Viacom, Warner Brothers and DreamHack. Make.TV’s investors include M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Voyager Capital, and Vulcan Capital.

Make.TV co-founder and chief executive Andreas Jacobi added: “Being part of LTN Global will significantly enhance the services we can provide to customers, who now can acquire, deliver, and curate content via the most advanced transport solution available. Andreas Jacobi

Make.TV co-founder: Andreas Jacobi

“In uniting these technologies, we can bring customers the benefit of considerable efficiencies and value-added workflows, allowing them to rapidly create and deliver more content to more viewers.”