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  • Demo-Sex, lies and video tapes- The truth behind your CDN logs

    Demo: Sex, lies and video tapes: The truth behind your CDN logs


    IBC2022: In the ever more competitive OTT market, high latency, buffering, and downtime don’t just lead to increase customer churn but can result in ruined relationships with viewers for ever. Many OTT providers consider that having their own CDN infrastructure, whether it’s built in-house or by a third-party provider, enables ...

  • SMPTE- The art of the possible

    SMPTE: The art of the possible: Moving media workflows to the cloud​


    IBC2022: There’s a lot of talk throughout the Media industry about moving workflows to the cloud. But what is real, and what is imagined? The good news is that more media workloads are becoming possible using cloud infrastructure, and the benefits in terms of agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency are ...

  • 2.Paramount and Showtime

    Paramount Global explores folding Showtime into Paramount+


    Paramount Global is reportedly considering discontinuing its Showtime streaming service and shifting its content into Paramount+ in a bid to streamline the company’s offerings amid a crowd of competitors, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

  • managing the last metre in the home

    SCTE: managing the last metre in the home


    IBC2022: Historically, an ISP managed networked services, then provided the connectivity to the modem in the customer’s premises – the last mile. The expectation then was that the customer would have the technical ability to manage the local area network (LAN) and services in-house. As the LAN became Wifi, so ...

  • Transforming in-flight entertainment

    Transforming in-flight entertainment: closing the content supply-chain gap from 90 to 2 days


    IBC2022: In-flight entertainment is a key passenger experience touchpoint, but getting studio content onto planes traditionally takes 60-90 days. Hear how castLabs and Lufthansa Systems are removing friction to help airlines achieve ready-to-view entertainment faster. With the SaaS cloud platform, ABOVE, a joint venture between castLabs and Touch Inflight Solutions, ...

  • FAST channels

    FAST channels: Transitioning linear and VOD and introducing the simplicity of FAST


    IBC2022: This session will cover the rapid growth of FAST channels and several of the biggest keys to their success; i.e. genre diversity and the importance of curating content for particular audiences, and building successful strategic partnerships and the elements that make them productive. This panel will discuss their ...

  • designing a company culture that attracts and retains a powerful workforce

    The Circle Society: designing a company culture that attracts and retains a powerful workforce


    IBC2022: Our industry is changing. Skill sets and team dynamics are changing, people are on the move, and we have too many jobs and not enough people to fill them. During this session we will present the findings from industry research and be joined by a panel of trailblazers ...

  • Zixi

    In conversation with Zixi


    IBC2022: Zixi CEO Gordon Brooks will moderate a panel with representatives from Paramount and Disney Streaming Services for a discussion on how Zixi innovation has solved specific problems of live event management and solutions for efficiently delivering not only 24 x 7 live linear but also OU and event applications.

  • Women leading the direct-to-consumer revolution

    Women leading the direct-to-consumer revolution


    IBC2022: Google is committed to addressing the diversity and, in particular, the gender gap in the media and entertainment industry. Hear from female executives about their unique experiences leading teams in the direct-to-consumer space, how we can better empower more diverse leadership in media and entertainment, and the actions needed ...

  • Seagate 2

    Demo: Solve your M&E data management challenges with innovative storage


    IBC2022: Media and entertainment companies are creating remarkable amounts of content resulting in vast amounts of data. Managing all this data so it can be easily shared, analyzed, and accessed across the media and entertainment chain remains a challenge. Demanding video streaming services, higher camera resolutions and broadcasting formats, as ...

  • The Modern Media Market

    The Modern Media Market: Enabling Scale & Automating Operations for Advertising & Content Management


    IBC2022: Ben Tatta will share his view of the transformation underway in the global media market. The session will cover everything from current business trends and how media companies can excel in a complex market, to the technology required to support operational flexibility and growth. Interoperability and automation are essential ...

  • Galsngear - delouise

    #GALSNGEAR demands parity for women in industry


    IBC2022: #GALSNGEAR - the industry-wide movement demanding parity for women across the media and entertainment industry - hosted a session at IBC2022 in Amsterdam that looked at changing workflows and perspectives to become more inclusive. Amy DeLouise, Chief Creative Officer at DeLouise Enterprises, highlighted the challenges and opportunities for women ...

  • Making tech more accessible

    Making tech more accessible


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, John Olivieira, Publisher, OneWorld called for changes in the industry to make it more inclusive and accessible.

  • Rise strives for gender equality

    Rise strives for gender equality


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Carrie Wootten, Managing Director of international diversity membership group Rise, joined Dushi Thangarajah, SVP Localisation Fulfilment & PMO EMEA, Deluxe, and Amy Hubbard, Strive to Rise Manager at Rise, to discuss how the ’Strive to Rise’ recognition programme designed by the company is being used ...

  • Webvision-preview

    What’s hot in production and post production at IBC2022


    IBC2022: The latest innovations in production and post production at IBC2022 in Amsterdam.

  • Day2 roundup

    What’s hot in the content supply chain at IBC2022


    IBC2022: The latest innovations in the content supply chain at IBC2022 in Amsterdam.

  • IABM presents BaM Live!

    IABM presents BaM Live! events at IBC2022


    IBC2022: IABM staged a full schedule of talks and panels as part of its BaM Live! Stage events at IBC2022 in Amsterdam. Stan Moote, CTO, IABM, outlined the sessions on offer each day of the show.

  • Grass Valley

    Grass Valley’s Andrew Cross at IBC2022


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Andrew Cross, CEO of Grass Valley, revealed the company’s main announcements and vision for the future. 

  • Webvision-preview

    Unleashing the value of UKTV content with AWS Media2Cloud


    IBC2022: For British broadcaster UKTV, the move to the cloud has been central to reengineering its media supply chain. Hear from Antony Joyce, Head of Architecture & Technology Platforms at UKTV about their customer journey to the cloud, including benefits around sustainability.

  • Webvision-preview

    Disney & Lumen: Partnering on CDN configuration standards


    IBC2022: The interchange of content delivery configuration metadata, capacity limits, and logs between the various entities in the delivery ecosystem is essential for efficient interoperability. Standardization of these data models and interfaces becomes particularly important as content providers such as Disney employ multi-CDN and open caching strategies and want to ...