At this year’s IBC show, EVS will highlight 30 years of innovation in live production and showcase recent developments aimed at future growth. The move to Hall 5 is more than a change in location; it reflects EVS’s ongoing transformation and commitment to profitable and sustainable growth.

A new stage in transformation

Over the past few years, EVS has been reviewing its portfolio, transitioning from a product approach to providing comprehensive solutions for every stage of production. On July 1st, 2024, EVS launched its Media Asset Platform, VIA MAP 1.0, confirming its transition towards an ecosystem. Nicolas Bourdon, newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer at EVS, explains: “Our relocation to Hall 5 is symbolic of our evolution. We’ve been laying the foundations for a premium live ecosystem where all our solutions integrate seamlessly, streamlining operations and maximising content value. This evolution is pivotal in EVS’s history. It enables us to better support our customers as they transform from broadcast organisations to story factories, delivering more content faster to broader audiences. It also allows us to address broader market segments, especially in the live audience business, including news, corporate, and entertainment sectors, which are crucial for us.”

Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Commercial Officer, EVS

Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Commercial Officer, EVS

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At IBC this year, the EVS team will demonstrate the practical benefits of the platform, which offers an integrated environment supporting the entire content lifecycle - from live production and creation to distribution and monetisation.

Celebrating 30 years and moving beyond replay

This year marks a significant milestone for EVS as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. While EVS is considered a market leader in live video production, it is now diversifying its portfolio to target the entire live video industry. “We aim to accelerate our growth by increasing the visibility of our entire portfolio,” says Bourdon. “While we remain leaders in live replay technology, our capabilities and ambitions go far beyond that. At IBC, EVS’s ‘This is not a replay’ campaign will highlight this evolution. Visitors to the stand can look forward to a creative representation of EVS’s vision through a live painting performance by an up-and-coming Belgian artist.”

Pushing the boundaries in live production

Driving industry innovation is at the heart of EVS’s strategy. Besides optimising customer infrastructures and processes with solutions for seamless IP-based operations, EVS is also focused on improving the quality of live productions. “Our goal is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in live video production,” adds Bourdon. “One of the ways we are doing that is by continuing to invest in AI and more specifically, generative AI to enhance the output of live productions. We’ve seen an uptake in the adoption of XtraMotion for creating super slow motion from any camera angle, and now we are introducing more AI-driven effects in the LiveCeption solution. Among these, we have new a cinematic bokeh effect for simulating shallow depth of field and a zoom effect that produces high-quality close-ups from wide-angle shots.”

Leadership changes for future growth

EVS has also recently restructured its leadership team. Understanding the importance of guiding customers through their transformations, EVS has created a dedicated team focused on strategic accounts, led by Quentin Grutman as Chief Strategic Accounts Officer. Nicolas Bourdon has transitioned from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Commercial Officer, with a new focus on broader market outreach and accelerating indirect business. Additionally, Oscar Teran, who joined EVS in 2021 and previously served as the CTO of EBU, has been appointed EVP Markets & Solutions. Oscar’s initial mission was to implement EVS’s first SaaS solutions, and now he will further accelerate the transformation of EVS’s portfolio towards a comprehensive ecosystem and continue to oversee the development of software-defined solutions.


VIA MAP 1.0 Launch

Source: EVS

“These leadership changes are pivotal in our pursuit of new market opportunities and strengthening collaborations with our global partners,” Bourdon comments. “We are committed to achieving profitable and sustainable growth while maintaining our leadership position in the industry.”

Join the celebration

As EVS celebrates its 30th anniversary at IBC, all attendees are invited to visit Hall 5 to experience the future of live video production firsthand. “We look forward to sharing our journey, innovations, and vision for the future with attendees at this year’s show,” Bourdon concludes.

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