KevlinX has chosen Leaseweb to provide a multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution for the large-scale data centres it’s building in Europe’s key growth markets, starting with Brussels. 


Dudink: ‘We are excited to be part of this ecosystem’

For the broadcast and media market this is branded as Eurovision FLOW in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union.

Together, KevlinX and Leaseweb state they will bring one of the best performing multi-CDNs to the Belgian market.

Located in the political and digital heart of Europe, the KevlinX Data Center Campus in Brussels brings together key content delivery ecosystems for the gaming, media and broadcast industries which demand high proximity, ultra-low latency and secure environments for their infrastructure.

As a key CDN partner, Leaseweb uses an optimised strategy that leverages performance metrics in the decision-making process in order to select the best connected CDN, and delivers high performance, availability and scalability.

From its key, global locations, Leaseweb provides services such as CDN, dedicated servers, cloud computing, co-location and hosting. These services run on their own managed international backbone.

“We are pleased to contribute our cutting-edge multi-CDN solutions and power KevlinX in building an eco-system in their facilities, tailored to the broadcasting and media market. We are excited to be part of this eco-system, and at the centre of the Belgian broadcasting and media market,” said Wilfried Dudink, managing director, Leaseweb CDN.

The KevlinX Data Center Campus in Brussels is ideally located to provide access to the largest European markets with very low latencies. By partnering with Leaseweb, KevlinX will provide its customers with high performance, cost effective multi-CDN services enabling improved user experience and content quality.

“KevlinX is committed to building a quality ecosystem for the gaming, broadcast and media community and our partnership with Leaseweb demonstrates that commitment. We are delighted to be partnering with Leaseweb as we seek to create an unrivalled digital environment for our customers in Brussels” said Barro Luitjes, CEO at KevlinX.