DataScouting has released the new version of its MediaScouting Broadcast platform, claiming to have made it more intelligent, easy to use, efficient and reliable. 


MediaScouting Broadcast: Can be used on multimedia content originating from broadcast feeds in real time

The company has also used IBC SHOWCASE to focus on News Insight, a complete solution for news monitoring from TV and radio, print, online and social media.

MediaScouting Broadcast is a 24/7/365 turnkey solution for monitoring TV, Radio and IP AV streams. It provides a robust and scalable platform for recording, archiving, indexing, retrieving and analysing multimedia content originating from broadcast feeds in real time.

MediaScouting Broadcast can be used by government bodies, media monitoring organisations, PR and Ad companies, and other organisations, to enable broadcast media monitoring as a reliable tool for news monitoring, logo detection, facial recognition, advertisement monitoring and reporting.

It is enriched with efficient modules for ticker and subtitle extraction, Speech-To-Text, audio processing for ad and speaker identification, automatic multilingual translations of spoken text, and delivery of content via an online dashboard, email or WhatsApp.

MediaScouting Broadcast is available as a cloud solution or installed on-premise. It is aimed at small, medium and large companies as it meets the specific needs of any size and budget.

DataScouting’s MediaScouting Suite comes with News Insight, described as a ‘best-fit solution for news monitoring empowered with automatic topic detection, article categorisation, and clip-to-customer assignment’.

It comes with entity detection and sentiment analysis metadata, and offers facial recognition and logo detection, as well as reporting and multi-platform, multi-format delivery.

News Insight enables multi-search filters for advanced search queries and automatic word lemmatisation. It scales to process millions of daily news items and thousands of hours of AV content.