Wowza Media Systems’ Wowza Streaming Cloud now offers support for DRM technology through an integration with the EZDRM DRM as a Service (DRMaaS) solution.


Wowza Streaming Cloud: Now also supports all major studio-approved DRM providers

This new feature gives Wowza Streaming Cloud customers the ability to protect their premium content from piracy or illegal redistribution and limit playback to legitimate end users. Video can be encrypted on the fly with media keys protected by one or more DRM licensing systems, preventing playback until validated.

As part of this enhancement, Wowza Streaming Cloud now supports all major studio-approved DRM providers, including Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady.

“The growing popularity of cloud-based streaming deployments demands that we offer our customers robust choices for studio-approved content protection,” said David Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder of Wowza Media Systems. “EZDRM’s services provide a powerful resource for Wowza customers looking to monetise and secure premium content delivery.”

DRM technologies are vital to underpin the widest range of monetisation models, such as pay-per-view and subscription services. Video publishers can leverage Wowza’s DRM technology and EZDRM to boost revenue by protecting valuable content from unauthorised viewing.

“EZDRM and Wowza are natural partners for cloud deployments,” said Olga Kornienko, COO of EZDRM. “Our robust, scalable and easy-to-use DRMaaS offering integrates seamlessly with Wowza Streaming Cloud. The combined solution enables a whole new range of customers to rapidly set up and deliver a protected streaming service.”

Magycal, a leading media platform for digital content, TV shows and live events, is already benefiting from this new solution.

“The Wowza Streaming Cloud solution that we were already using on our OTT product went one step further with the new DRMaaS technology,” said Pedro Centieiro, COO of Magycal. “In a matter of days, we were supporting DRM on live streams, both on HLS and MPEG-DASH, in all major browsers, mobile devices and TV apps. Protecting premium content is a major concern of our clients, and thanks to Wowza and EZDRM, we are now able to provide an engaging, interactive and secure environment — whether they are watching live or VoD content.”