Amazon has hired Disney exec Jeremy Helfand to run its Prime Video Advertising division.

The appointment comes as Amazon prepares to introduce advertising to content playing on its Prime Video service.

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Amazon has hired Jeremy Helfand to run its Prime Video Advertising

Helfand was previously EVP, Advertising & Data Platforms, Disney Entertainment & ESPN Technology.

He joined Hulu, now owned by Disney, in 2018 as VP and Head of Advertising Platforms. He has previously worked at Adobe and

“I joined Hulu in 2018 to jump into the then emerging streaming TV revolution, and what an incredible ride it has been, ultimately landing at Disney. Through all the business growth and innovation, the team is what you remember most, and I’m so proud of what was accomplished,” Helfand said in a LinkedIn post.

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“It’s time for the next chapter, and I’m thrilled to share that I’ve joined Amazon to lead Prime Video Advertising. I’ll be working with a talented team of customer-obsessed business builders to create something special, starting with our upcoming launch!”

Last week, Amazon confirmed plans to introduce adverts to its Prime Video streaming service this year. Customers will see the ads unless they pay extra for an ad-free experience.

Customers in the US and Canada will see ads from 29 January, while those in Germany and the UK will see limited ads from 5 February. Amazon plans to expand them to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia later in 2024.

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