ScreenCraft Works, a global community for under-represented film and TV professionals, has unveiled the cohort for its fourth cross-border mentoring programme.

ScreenCraft Works, a global community for under-represented film and TV professionals and IBC Social Impact Awards 2023 finalists, has unveiled the cohort for its fourth cross-border mentoring programme.

2. A selection of the Cross-Border Mentoring cohort

ScreenCraft Works have revealed the cohort for its fourth cross-border mentoring programme

Designed to support local and international career development and build global employment networks, the 2024 mentoring cohort comprises 86 people from 30 countries. The programme has matched 44 mentees with 44 volunteer mentors from another country, based on their career aspirations. Two people are both a mentee and mentor.

With a focus on jobs that can be conducted remotely or hybrid, the cohort includes the roles of editor, audio post-production, composer, writer, animation, VFX, production manager, producer, post-production supervisor, filmmakers working across several roles and also cinematography.

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Mentees include those experiencing local persecution or discrimination, who seek international allyship, and people who have moved country for international work and are trying to integrate into their new local film and TV industry.

Mentees wish to explore fresh global perspectives to enrich their local work as well as seeking to develop their international careers, including delivering projects remotely.

Rebecca del Tufo and Elizabeth McIntyre, Co-Directors at ScreenCraft Works, said: “Industry allyship across international borders has emerged as a key theme for our mentoring cohort 2024, where many of our film and TV mentees experience persecution or discrimination within their own country. Where industry people feel vulnerable or isolated, strengthening creative and lived experience bonds across borders can be transformative for individuals, and for unlocking new industry talent for the global industry. We are grateful to our volunteer mentors and supporters, who enable us to conduct our cross-border mentoring scheme.”

Approximately 66% of the mentees identify as women or other marginalised genders. The mentee group includes people with a disability (approximately 23%), those from the LGBTQIA+ community (approximately 27%), work returners, those with caring responsibilities and people from rural areas without good transport and communication. The mentees describe a broad range of ethnic, cultural and belief backgrounds. They span all career stages.

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The selected mentees and mentors are across the following 30 countries, nationalities or heritages: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, UK and USA.

The 2024 mentee-mentor matches include:


Abhishek Kapoor (India, UK) & Rory Murphy (UK)

Ewan Denny (UK) & Richard Starkey (South Africa)

Godsfavour Inyang (UK) & Tomoko Hirasawa (Spain, Japan, UK)

Rinju RV (India) & Liam Camps (UK)

Audio post-production

Chantelle Donovan (UK) & Claire Lawton (USA)

David Bonilla (Honduras) & Tom Rußbüldt (Germany)

Jasmine Hunjan (UK) & Paula Fairfield (Canada, USA)

Javier Degante (USA) & Nina Norek (Austria, UK)

Jay Mendes (Brazil, Ireland) & Chris Procopiou (UK)

Lily Fausett (USA, UK) & Lucy Mitchell (UK)

Milton Foster (Jamaica) & Paul Davies (UK)

Nina Norek (Austria, UK) & Gaston Ibarroule (Argentina, Germany)

Sara Megown (USA) & Tereza Králiková (UK)

Tatiana Sanches (Brazil, Portugal, UK) & Eric Horstmann (Germany)


Alex Wakim (USA) & Stephen Gerard Kelly (Ireland, USA, Dominican Republic)

Arnold Cifax Jr (USA) & Dan Jones (UK)

Autumn Maria Reed (USA) & Dong Zhou (Germany)

Cherilyn Rose Doherty (New Zealand) & Connor Cook (USA)

Emily Frances Ippolito (UK, USA) & George Shaw (USA)

Karina Rivero (Mexico) & Simon Ratcliffe (South Africa, Netherlands)

Riwal Perchoc (Canada, France) & Casey Dunmore (USA)

Winnie Liu (USA, Taiwan) & Cora Chung (Taiwan)

Shireen Ghosh (India, USA) & Tom Nettleship (UK)

Yumi Mashiki (UK, Japan) & Alexa Borden (USA)

Writers & development

Brioni Farren (UK) & Paige Murray (Canada)

Dee William Prempeh (UK) & Samantha Levine (Canada)

Jhayla Mosley (USA) & Helmy Nouh (Egypt)

Lauren Burman (USA) & Yulia Buzhinskaya (Russia, Indonesia)

Sally Llewellyn (UK) & Sam Schleifer (Canada)

Animation & VFX

Gabrielle Watts (Jamaica) & Allison Brownmoore (Australia)

Omosalewa Fafowora (Nigeria) & David P I James (USA)

Rhoan Sirjue (Jamaica) & Denise Dean (UK)

Sheraine Peart (Jamaica) & Tim Dillnutt (UK)

Production, Production Management & Producers

Amanda Upson (USA) & John Farrar (UK)

Clair Maleney (UK) & Alex Tondowski (Germany)

Jamie Wyatt (UK) & Andrea Horakh (Germany)

Zoe Sharples (Cyprus, UK, Ireland) & Antoine Simkine (France)

Post-Production Supervision

Claire Lawton (USA) & Chuka Ejorh (Nigeria, UK)

Filmmakers working across several roles

Khanyisile Mashinini (South Africa) & Jago Lee (UK)

Nandita Jain (India, UK) & Bhavika Mantri (India, Canada)

Otito Wilfred Aso (Nigeria) & Dan Clifton (UK, France)

VJ Appleton (UK) & Koura Linda (USA)


Olwethu Jezile (South Africa) & Tat Radcliffe (UK)

Shee Won Park (South Korea, Hong Kong, UK) & Robert Goodman (USA, Denmark)

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