• Guidance issued by facilities trade body UK Screen Alliance 
  • Follows guidelines issued by British Film Commission  
  • UK Screen Alliance CEO: Guidance is indication UK TV and film is open for business 


UK Screen Alliance: Introduces guidelines to ensure the safety of employees

UK post-production companies have been given a set of best-practice guidelines to help them return to their facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While post-production and VFX firms have not been required to close during the pandemic many have opted to work remotely.  

It is hoped that the guidelines drawn up by trade association UK Screen Alliance will help post firms return to on-premises working without jeopardising the health and safety of their staff or clients.  

According to UK Screen Alliance, the guidance will help to define industry-accepted best practice, reduce confusion and give consistency across the sector. It aims to lessen the pressure on employers to accept external demands for modes of working which could be considered unsafe for workers or visitors.  

The document, which is available for download here, was written following consultation with companies from the post and VFX sectors, several US studios and industry bodies the BFI, BFC, Pact, Bectu and the UK government. 

According to UK Screen Alliance, the UK’s post-production and VFX sector normally turnover in excess of £2 billion per year and employs more than 17,000 people. 

UK Screen Alliance chief executive Neil Hatton said “The combined launch of detailed guidance for filming and for post-production is a significant indication that the UK’s film and TV industry is proactively making itself open for business.  

“In fact, post-production and VFX never closed. The guidance for post and VFX will be a living document; currently a statement of current best practice, it will evolve into a route map back to on-premises working whilst ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and clients.” 

The guidelines were welcomed by the bosses of some of the UK’s largest post and VFX companies. 

Framestore chief executive Sir William Sargent said: “This document, by UK Screen Alliance, is a major contribution to getting our community back to work in a safe and productive environment.  

“The speed and contribution from all parts of our sector shows commitment and solidarity at the same scale as the world class standards we all operate at.”  

The Farm Group chief executive David Klafkowski added: “I’ve been very concerned that everyone returning to work feels as safe as they possibly can. Even if the risks are low, employees and clients may well be anxious.  

“UK Screen Alliance’s efforts in the creation of this guidance go a long way in providing this reassurance that our industry is getting back to work while taking the right steps for the health and well-being of everyone.” 

Separate guidance titled ‘Working Safely During Covid-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production’ focuses on restarting production in studios and on location. It has been developed by the British Film Commission (BFC). 

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