Denmark has become the latest European country to rule that global TV streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney must pay a levy to support local production.

Danish lawmakers agreed on Saturday that streamers must pay 6% of their revenues generated in the country to support TV production, according to a report from Reuters.


Denmark rules streamers such as Netflix to pay levy

The Danish move is the latest attempt by a European country to secure support for local TV and film production following the rapid rise in the popularity of streaming services.

“Denmark must go as far as possible in providing good public service to children and young people, which can serve as a real alternative to the tech giants’ platforms and foreign content,” the Ministry of Culture said in a statement.

It added the fragmented media landscape following the entry of global streaming services “can challenge the cohesion and democratic dialogue in our country.”

Switzerland and Portugal have both introduced similar measures and Spain is due to introduce a levy.

Earlier this month, Switzerland agreed that streaming services should invest 4% of their annual Swiss revenue from 2024 into local film and TV production.

US streaming services have already made several productions in Denmark. Recently, Netflix partnered with Danish broadcaster DR to produce the fourth season of Borgen, which aired this year.