The striking Writers Guild of America has called on regulators to increase their oversight of streamers, saying that three companies—Disney, Amazon, and Netflix—are “poised to be the new gatekeepers of media.”

The Guild released a new report detailing how deregulation and the growing dominance of streaming has changed the media landscape.

3. US Writers’ Strike ‘Could Cost Industry $600m’ small

WGA have called Disney, Amazon, and Netflix are ‘gatekeepers of media’

It said that Disney, Amazon, and Netflix have increased market share and leverage through acquisitions.

The WGA called on antitrust agencies and lawmakers to take action “to protect the future prospect of a more diverse and less concentrated media landscape.”

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“Writers forced to strike in this climate should come as a surprise to no one,” said WGAW Research & Public Policy Director Laura Blum-Smith.

“We’re transitioning from a period of rapid investment and competition that brought about new and diverse content to a monopolistic model that will concentrate control over entertainment programming in the hands of just a few large and powerful corporations. For writers, that means fewer buyers for their work, employers who exert more leverage in individual deal negotiations, and depressed pay and working conditions.”

Members of the WGA have been on strike since May, and are calling for higher compensation, staffing guarantees and protections around the use of artificial intelligence (AI), in talks with Hollywood studios.

The SAG-AFTRA actors union, which went on strike July 14, also is seeking an increase in base pay and residuals.

WGA and studio negotiators recently returned to the bargaining table but have yet to reach a deal.

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