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IBC Digital: Nathalie Lethbridge speaking with Johannes Larcher

Head of HBO Max International, Johannes Larcher, spoke about the challenges of launching and scaling streaming services.

In conversation with Nathalie Lethbridge of Atonik Digital, he cited the two most important aspects for success.

“It all starts with great content…WarnerMedia is the custodian of some of the worlds most popular intellectual property, whether that’s Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, the DC Multiverse – we own so many of the world’s most beloved stories and franchises. And it all starts with that content,” he said.

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“HBO Max was launched in the US and the vision was always to go global and get to 190 countries across the globe, but the reality is that some of the foundational elements that you need to become a global streaming service had to be developed in our technology and in our product to make sure we can serve customers in the best way, whether they are in Chile, Finland, or South East Asia. So it starts with content and then has moved into technology.”