AI has the potential to solve some of our most pressing challenges and represents the third major advance in human society – an intelligence revolution. 

That is the upbeat verdict of Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Global Communications & Marketing, Google DeepMind, speaking as part of the IBC2023 Changemaker Programme yesterday. In his session ‘Delving Deeper: Will AI help us solve humanity’s biggest challenges?’ he predicted that the rollout of AI would unleash a new wave of human creativity.  

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Hunter-Torricke: ‘There’s much more to come besides chatbots’ 

AI was allowing significant technical advances, from tools such as DeepMind’s Flamingo, which can search short-form video and create relevant metadata automatically to AlphaFold which has predicted the structure of 200 million proteins and accelerated medical research. 

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“There’s much more to come besides chatbots,” added Hunter-Torricke, who predicted that AI would have a key role to play in the climate crisis. Its involvement in the creation of fusion power could mean that one day we have access to clean, unlimited energy, which could help solve many problems.  

AI presents challenges, he admitted. “There are near-term potential harms… such as bad actors, from individuals to nation states who may use it for harm.  

“We will see AI playing a transformative role in lots of industries, but we also need to have a deeper conversation about what we want AI to do.” 

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