At a premium delegate session at IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Maria Rua Aguete, Technology Fellow and Executive Director, Media, Service Providers & Platforms, Omdia, unveiled the research company’s latest report on gaming IP, drawing the audience’s attention to a series of factors that are combining to super-charge the market.  

She told the delegates - gathered together into a series of round tables to facilitate discussion - that in 2023, games advertising generated $70bn, while total gaming revenues reached $250bn - more than all the global SVOD combined. The stats came from a new, exclusive report on the value of gaming IP that was provided to IBC Premium Delegates. 

She continued to point out that the number of gaming IP to movie adaptations continues to grow exponentially, with some notable recent headline-grabbers being Last Of Us and Stranger Things. The combination of a large gaming following, a strong focus on storytelling, as well as a prime slot for the show have proven effective.   

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A further nugget of information was that the success of the Last Of Us had a concrete impact - comparing sales of the initial Last of Us game, which was on sale pre-show, to sales post-TV series, a considerable increase is clear. As Aguete emphasised: “putting content on TV makes people buy the game and vice versa…engaging eyeballs creates stickiness, which in turn drives revenue for gaming IP.”  

IBC2023 Omdia – Value of Gaming IP is Rocketing

Maria Rua Aguete, Omdia

“Based on video games, Netflix is leading the race in adopting this [type of] content onto the video screen. They know that there is a lot of interest and they have been investing intensively. Why is Netflix investing so heavily? They don’t own much IP. So this is a good way for them to monetise whatever IP they can obtain”, she pointed out in conclusion. 

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