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  • NAB 2024 Harjinder Sandu

    NAB 2024: Harjinder Sandhu, Zixi


    Zixi’s Director of Marketing speaks of the biggest trends at NAB, how Zixi is using ML and AI for error prevention, and virtualisation in the cloud.

  • ITV virtual production

    UK’s VFX Industry in Line for Additional Tax Relief


    The UK Screen Alliance has welcomed plans announced by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to offer additional tax relief for expenditure on visual effects. 


    Panel Discussion: Advances in Monetisation Technologies


    With the advent of OTT services came a whole new frontier for the monetisation of content. The Covid pandemic then saw a spike in consumer demand for OTT services and accelerated the technologies that underpin a broadcaster’s ability to reach audiences with targeted advertising. In this panel, experts discuss the ...

  • Launching TV experiences in the face of monetisation model and connected TV fragmentation

    Launching TV experiences in the face of monetisation model and connected TV fragmentation


    IBC2023: In the decade since Content Everywhere launched at IBC, online video consumption has become a fact of everyday life for millions of households worldwide. As the online video market continues to grow, new monetisation models are emerging. Rising market penetration makes Connected TVs a key battleground for offering viewers ...

  • Bringing video to spatial computing

    Bringing video to spatial computing


    IBC2023: Spatial computing is poised to change the way consumers interact in pretty much every aspect of daily life and video has video has the potential to play a big role in driving adoption and delivering improved experiences to consumers.

  • Single frame forensic watermarking

    Single-Frame Forensic Watermarking: One image identification


    Watermarking is increasingly relied on for efficient leak identification and security. Our revolutionary single-frame forensic watermarking service enables watermarking detection with remarkable precision from either one phone camera photo of a playing video, a screenshot, or other visual media assets - even with distorted or partially blocked images. 

  • Data: The essential lubricant for success in content everywhere

    Data: The essential lubricant for success in content everywhere


    When British mathematician Clive Humby declared in 2006 that “data is the new oil,” he meant that data, like oil, isn’t useful in its raw state. It needs to be refined, processed and turned into something useful; its value lies in its potential. This session will look at the potential ...

  • IBC2023 Smarter devices driving smarter monetisation

    IBC2023: Smarter devices driving smarter monetisation


    Smart devices are changing the way we experience media, said an expert panel at IBC2023, and upcoming changes in viewing habits are set to have an even wider impact.  

  • Maria Rua Aguete - Omdia

    IBC2023: Omdia – Value of Gaming IP is Rocketing


    At a premium delegate session at IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Maria Rua Aguete, Technology Fellow and Executive Director, Media, Service Providers & Platforms, Omdia, unveiled the research company’s latest report on gaming IP, drawing the audience’s attention to a series of factors that are combining to super-charge the market.